Thursday, October 8, 2009

New photos for the project...

I spent this afternoon shooting some new photographs for my empty room project, but I tried to rethink my whole idea and method of shooting. I thought that maybe the room does not need to be empty and maybe charging the space with a presence does not need to be about my sister. I just wanted to leave behind my original idea and try something completely different. I used a glass of milk as my subject and photographed it in different places around my apartment as a drank it. I shot a few with my hand or arm in the image to suggest my presence in the scene. If anyone has any comments of suggestions I would love to hear them!


  1. The last photo is working for me. it is full of personal touches, which signs for someone living there, if that is true or not, it really isnt important for me (the viewer) its just an odd photo of milk. i find milk to be pure, and gross at the same time. suggesting this 1950's place, i think u could really warp reality, given the somber stills u've created. explore the last one. the lighting is beautiful, its creepy (in a good way like the 50's) and its interesting. maybe a narrative between the same still and different lighting, a progress of decay or something.

  2. Hey girl,

    Yeah I think your last image is your strongest and the one with your hand is the weakest. I really like this new take on your project, maybe try bringing the milk out to the outside space. Or places you wouldn't necessarily expect this milk to be? Maybe relating to the subconscious somehow tied in with the real. But I'm liking your idea... :)