Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Project Description Form

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Project Name:

Grey Room

Project Description:

This is a continuation of my midterm project about feelings of lose or absence and trying to find a way to represent that in a space. I want to create energy in an environment, but also focus on the absence of an individual from my life.

Conceptual Concerns:

I want to create a presence or energy in an empty space. I have been struggling with the idea of a person or persons being physically gone from my life but still they have a presence in it. I want to charge this space with these people that are no longer a part of my everyday, but are still a large part of me. Their energy is still all around. I want to find a way for this space and the items that I place in the room to convey that energy.

Technical Skills Covered

This is the first time I have attempted a photographic project with a digital camera and digital printing. It is important for me to learn how to properly photograph in RAW format and become comfortable with the technical aspects of digital shooting. I also want to find a way to use photoshop to emphasize or assist my visual delivery so that it accurately represents my conceptual idea of a charged space/room; possibly helping my light situation or compositing other images into the original photograph. Finally, I would like to learn how to use the printers in our lab in order to fully understand how to make a quality image when printing digitally. The transfer of what I see on the screen to what prints out is something that seems difficult and I would like to become more knowledgeable in that process. With this project I am continuing to further my knowledge about the digital process and feeling comfortable with it.

Formal Guidelines:

The medium is going to be a digital print made from a digital photograph. I wanted the images to be a little larger then last time, and so I’ve made them 11x14 with slight borders.

Artistic References

Sylvia Plath

Elinor Carucci

Julia Fullerton-Batten


Sylvia Plath


I would say a B+. I feel like these images are going in the right direction, but I still don’t feel that they are complete in matching my conceptual idea with my visual delivery.

Goals List

- Shooting successful digital images

- Using photoshop to assist with enhances the photos

- Printing in the digital lab

- Conveying the energy that I want to create within the space

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